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Westral Crimsafe Security Doors and Screens

Westral is the only Australian Manufacturer of Security Doors Certified by Australian Standards

Home security in today’s times is most important to safeguard you and your family. But why put yourself behind bars? With the introduction of Crimsafe Security, you can now enjoy maximum security without spoiling the view. Give your family the peace of mind they deserve!

 What is Crimsafe?

Crimsafe is a corrosion resistant black powder-coated heavy gauge woven stainless steel mesh. It is secured by a patented positive fastening system into a tough extruded aluminium frame to suit all types of windows and doors. Crimsafe has a dual role acting as a security screen and insect screen all in one. The woven mesh gives extra impact strength, plus it protects your home from intruders whilst you are out and thieves and insect pests when you are home. See Crimsafe Doors and Screen Videos here.

 Product Sheets


  • Manufactured to exceed Australian Standards AS 5039/40/41-2008
  • Passes Australian Standards 4483.1, Impact Test
  • Passes Australian Standards 4483.2, Knife Shear Attack Test
  • Extruded heavy-duty aluminium frame
  • Stainless steel high tensile heavy gauge 0.9 mm woven mesh – corrosive resistant black powdercoated
  • Patented positive fastening system
  • Exclusive tamper resistant screws
  • Extra impact strength mesh and fixings
  • Available with or without extruded push bar
  • Exclusive anti-corrosion Santoprene bead protects the grille and the frame
  • Three interlocking hinges
  • Stainless steel rivets
  • Heavy duty three Parrot Beak ‘Griplock’ locking system, (as recommended by Crime Prevention), with cable drive for smoother operation – anchors door at top, centre and bottom
  • Quick snib engages all three Parrot Beak ‘Griplock’ tongues for greater protection, unlike other designs
  • Heavy duty door closer


  • Westral Crimsafe Security Screens
  • Decorative Security Doors
  • Safe-S-Cape
  • Dog and Cat Doors
  • Lock-shield to give protection to the key if left in the lock
  • Tuffmesh